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How to Watch BabyFirstTV

Stimulate your newborn’s mind with wholesome and fun education on Babyfirst with a FreeCast Value Channels subscription.

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How to Watch BabyFirstTV with FreeCast

BabyFirst is a part of FreeCast Value Channels, a great new way to get all sorts of shows and movies that appeal to the entire family. BabyFirst is a part of over 250 channels. FreeCast Value Channels, where you can find BabyFirst, features five hundred thousand TV shows and movies with no contracts. Start your subscription, enjoy countless hours of content, and cancel at any time with no strings attached. Freecast is available on all major web browsers, Roku TV, Android and IOS apps, AndroidTV, AppleTV, and FireTV.

What's on the BabyFirstTV Channel?

BabyFirst is an American, 24-hour streaming channel designed to create safe, educational programming that parents can trust. Founded in 2001 and one of the first of its kind, BabyFirst has been creating content for newborns and toddlers for over 20 years, with intended ages ranging from as young as 6 months to 3 years old. Children can learn shapes, colors, the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and even fun arts and crafts to do with their parents. Almost 90% of all shows on BabyFirst are completely unique, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for newborns and toddlers. From cable to streaming, BabyFirst brings children’s entertainment to an underserved demographic of children with fresh and wholesome content.

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Stream BabyFirstTV Favorites

Baby DIY

Baby DIY

You and your baby can learn fun arts and crafts in this BabyFirst favorite! This TV show focuses on all kinds of great art projects that are toddler appropriate. All you need is basic household materials and a little imagination to help your baby discover new smells, tastes, and develop their fine motor skills.

Color Crew

Color Crew

The Color Crew are a lively bunch of crayons that are here to show your baby the full spectrum of the rainbow! Using bouncy songs and bright adventures, the Color Crew teaches children about the basic primary colors and various objects they are associated with. Bright and wholesome, these colorful friends will awaken the creativity in your young one.

Goo Goo

Goo Goo

Join 18-month Baby Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa as they use the various transforming toys in their room to satisfy their curiosity and desire to learn. Children will learn along with Baby Goo Goo, exploring a big, new world with adventurous playtime. Goo Goo is a very musical show that uses the power of song to engage and entertain.

Harry the Bunny

Harry the Bunny

Harry the Bunny is a BabyFirst staple. This charismatic rabbit will bounce and hop into your child’s life, using songs and playtime to teach them words and concepts appropriate for children as young as 6 months. Harry explores his room, his backyard, and various locations that would be familiar to newborns and toddlers.

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BabyFirstTV Channel Package (Value Channels)

All of the great, educational BabyFirst content is available on FreeCast Value Channels, along with over 250 other channels. All of your favorite subscriptions can be accessed in one easy location, providing all the convenience of cable without the cable bill. On-demand and live-streaming channels are available to be streamed on all of your home devices, so you can watch from any screen that is most convenient to you. No contracts allow you to cancel whenever you need to, and there are a number of bundles and packages to tailor your viewing experience to your needs and tastes.

BabyFirstTV Channel Package Benefits

  • 500k+ TV Shows & Movies On Demand
  • LIVE Broadcasting of LIVE Action Shows
  • Manage Paid Subscriptions in One Place
  • Free HDTV Antenna for Local Channels*
  • Free 7-Day Trial Includes 250+ Channels
  • Stream From Any Device, Anywhere
  • No Contracts - Pay Monthly Subscription
  • Add Bundles to Personalize Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the BabyFirst channel online?

BabyFirst is one of the over 250 channels that are available on FreeCast Value Channels. Stream from your tablet, phone, firestick, Roku TV, Android TV, Apple TV, laptop, computer, or any device with streaming capabilities.

Where can my baby watch the Baby DIY show?

Baby DIY, with its fun art projects for the little ones, is available on the BabyFirst channel on FreeCast Value Channels. You can access all full length episodes as they air on BabyFirst with a monthly subscription to FreeCast Value Channels for only $6.99.

Where can my baby watch Color Crew?

Color Crew can take your child on a multi-colored adventure on the BabyFirst channel through FreeCast Value Channels. Color Crew is a BabyFirst exclusive television show, which your baby will have full access to with a $6.99 a month subscription to FreeCast Value Channels.

Where can my baby watch the TV show Goo Goo?

Baby Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa’s musical adventures can be found on the BabyFirst channel via FreeCast Value Channels.

How can my baby watch Harry the Bunny?

Harry the Bunny can hop into the hearts of your newborn and toddlers on FreeCast Value Channels. Harry the Bunny is a BabyFirst original TV series, making the FreeCast Value Channels subscription a unique experience for your little one.

How do I know if BabyFirst is available in my region?

BabyFirst is available to all Value Channel customers anywhere in the United States.

How do I know if BabyFirst is available in my region?

BabyFirst is available to all Value Channel customers anywhere in the United States.

How do I find my favorite BabyFirst shows?

With a membership to FreeCast Value Channels, all of BabyFirst’s shows will be available to you as they air at the click of a button.

How many devices can I stream BabyFirst at the same time?

With FreeCast Value Channels, you can stream BabyFirst from any device at any time on up to 3 devices at a time.

What if I want to cancel my BabyFirst channel subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the 17 exclusive live channels included in the Value Channels package. To cancel, log in to your account and go to the Account Settings page. From there, you can change your current subscription or cancel your account.