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How to Watch QVC

Kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite QVC live home shopping shows without paying for expensive cable. Try FreeCast Value Channels free for 7 days!

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How to Watch QVC with FreeCast

With FreeCast, you can begin enjoying the best home shopping entertainment you can find on TV by registering for our Value Channels free trial. This subscription will grant you 24/7 live access to all your QVC channel favorites, such as Play Your Way and Gift of Beauty.

With FreeCast, the fun doesn't stop there, as our Value Channels service also provides more than 250 additional channels for your viewing pleasure. So, you can be sure that there will never be a dull day with FreeCast on your side. Once your trial period is over, the subscription price is only $6.99 a month.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a cable-free life. Begin your journey by registering for our Value Channels service today and transform how you interact with live TV.

What's on the QVC Channel?

The QVC Channel is one of the most successful stations to have ever graced our TVs, with over 350 million households tuning into this network's broadcasts worldwide. This is hardly a surprise, as this channel has curated various nail-biting TV shows that center around the joy and guilty pleasures of home shopping.

Today, QVC offers some of the most popular shows you can find anywhere, such as Inspired Design, Gift of Beauty, and Play Your Way. So, why wait? Sign up for our Value Channels subscription at FreeCast and start enjoying these popular QVC shows no matter where you are.

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Stream QVC Favorites

Inspired Design

Inspired Design

Dive into the root of some of the most famous looks and products with Inspired Design. With this show, you get the opportunity to look at the hidden story behind various fashions and home interiors. Naturally, QVC also allows all its customers to shop for several products on display in this show so don't hesitate to order any items that catch your eye.

Gifts of Beauty

Gifts of Beauty

Have you been looking to test out a new makeup technique or revamp your beauty closet? If so, then Gifts of Beauty is just what you need. This popular QVC show is the one-stop shop for all things beauty and allows you to transform your daily routine by following tips and purchasing products from some of the most popular beauty brands in the world.

QVC Live

QVC Live

QVC Live is the network’s real time broadcast that allows you to keep up with the conversation with some of the latest home shopping trends and news, ensuring you are always up to date. QVC Live also allows its audience to be first in line for new beauty products and personal shopping tips.

Play Your Way

Play Your Way

From dolls to action figures and princess sets, Play Your Way offers an expansive range of toys for any parent craving another big, long hug from their little one. So, if you have been searching for a beautiful Christmas gift or a birthday present for your child, you will want to tune into this show. One of the best parts about Play Your Way is that it offers various types of toys for kids of all ages, so it doesn’t matter if you have a toddler or older child, you will undoubtedly find something your kid loves with this program.

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QVC Channel Package (Value Channels)

Although cable has fallen far behind streaming in recent years, various channels and TV shows, such as QVC Live and Gift of Beauty, have left many of us hooked on this unsatisfying experience. Things do not have to remain this way. With our Value Channels package at FreeCast, you can finally wave goodbye to cable and enjoy the fun of streaming without losing popular channels, such as QVC. One of the best parts of our Value Channels package is that you can access it from anywhere and from any device at any time. This on-demand experience means you no longer have to be home to enjoy your favorite TV shows. You can watch them whenever you want and wherever you want. Get started with FreeCast today by registering for our free 7-day trial.

QVC Channel Package Benefits

  • 500k+ TV Shows & Movies On Demand
  • LIVE Broadcasting of LIVE Action Shows
  • Manage Paid Subscriptions in One Place
  • Free HDTV Antenna for Local Channels*
  • Free 7-Day Trial Includes 250+ Channels
  • Stream From Any Device, Anywhere
  • No Contracts - Pay Monthly Subscription
  • Add Bundles to Personalize Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch the QVC Channel LIVE Online?

There is no better place to watch the QVC channel live than here at FreeCast. With our Value Channels subscription, you can access this channel wherever you want without paying a cable fee.

Where Can I Watch Inspired Design?

Begin watching Inspired Design by signing up for our $6.99 Value Channels subscription at FreeCast. In addition to Inspired Design, you can also enjoy some of the most popular QVC TV shows, such as Play Your Way.

Where Can I Watch Gift of Beauty?

You can begin watching Gift of Beauty today by kickstarting your Value Channels 7-day trial at FreeCast. During this trial period, you will also be able to access other popular QVC shows.

Where Can I Watch Play Your Way?

With FreeCast, you can sit back, relax, and watch all episodes of Play Your Way. With our Value Channels subscription, you will also be able to tune into various other QVC shows and 16 exclusive live channels.

How Do I Know if QVC Live on FreeCast is Available in My Region?

FreeCast is available in all parts of the United States. So, provided you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to watch QVC Live no matter where you live.

How Do I Sign Up to Watch QVC Live?

Creating a FreeCast account is easy, and you can begin by visiting this page. After creating an account and confirming your free trial subscription, you can start watching QVC Live.

How Do I Sign Up to Watch QVC Live?

Creating a FreeCast account is easy, and you can begin by visiting this page. After creating an account and confirming your free trial subscription, you can start watching QVC Live.

How Many Devices Can I Stream QVC Live TV on At the Same Time?

With FreeCast, you can stream QVC Live TV on as many as three devices simultaneously.

Can I Watch Local Sports and News Channels With QVC?

QVC does not provide any sports offerings, but you can take advantage of our free HDTV antenna (just pay shipping & handling) to access your favorite local stations, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. FreeCast’s free antenna bonus is included with your Value Channels subscription.

What If I Want to Cancel My FreeCast Subscription?

You will lose access to QVC and 16 other live channels at the end of your billing cycle if you cancel your FreeCast subscription. If you still wish to cancel your package, you can head straight to your account settings page and terminate your subscription. Remember, Value Channels is not a contract offering so you can cancel it at any time.