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How to Watch Sportsman Channel

FreeCast is the best place to watch top outdoor entertainment live with the Sportsman Channel. Watch from any device, any time with a Value Channels subscription.

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How to Watch Sportsman Channel with FreeCast

Catching up with the best in outdoor television is easier than ever before with FreeCast. FreeCast is a better way to enjoy television shows, movies, and other programming at home or on the go. To stream the Sportsman Channel with FreeCast, sign up for a free 7-day trial below. Once you’re registered, download the FreeCast app on your smart TV, your smartphone, or your other devices. You’ll be able to relax and unwind with the Sportsman Channel and hundreds of other live channels around the clock. After your free trial it’s only $6.99 a month to continue watching your favorite channels and shows!

What's on the Sportsman Channel?

The Sportsman Channel is a favorite channel for anyone who loves enjoying the great outdoors and outdoor sports, including archery, hunting, fishing, and shooting. Every program on the Sportsman Channel showcases the American lifestyle and the passions of millions of citizens who adore the gorgeous landscapes and wildlife only found here. The most popular programs on Sportsman Channel include In-Fisherman TV, Quick Hunts, Larry Smith Outdoors, The Green Way Outdoors, Winchester Deadly Passion, Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, and more.

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Stream Sportsman Channel Favorites

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV has remained one of the leading outdoor programs for over three decades, and it’s hosted by the In-Fisherman Editor in Chief and Hall of Fame Angler Doug Stange. This show traverses our great country to showcase the many species that live in freshwater and near-shore coastal areas. Each episode of the show covers three separate parts of North America and focuses on three species.

Quick Hunts

Quick Hunts

Quick Hunts is a unique and compelling show only on the Sportsman Channel that experiments with fun and eye-catching techniques to hunt. The show incorporates interesting methods, like using electric bikes, to explore the future of hunting and the many possibilities emerging thanks to new technology. Since this show incorporates videos from across the web, you might even see someone you follow featured!

The Green Way Outdoors

The Green Way Outdoors

The Green Way Outdoors combines education and entertainment to cover specific hunting and fishing tactics for specific species. Each episode features a hunting or fishing trip from start to finish, including everything from traveling in nature to enjoying the animal or fish at the dinner table later. This program caters to not just older hunters, but also millennials and gen-Z who might be interested in exploring the natural world.

Larry Smith Outdoors

Larry Smith Outdoors

Larry Smith Outdoors has a new episode every week, and you’ll get to enjoy all of them on FreeCast through the Sportsman Channel. Each episode is the start of a new adventure, whether it’s fishing or hunting, and Larry Smith showcases tips, trips to fishing tournaments, and even delicious recipes to enjoy your wild game. This family-friendly show on Sportsman Channel is great for veteran hunters and newbies alike.

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Sportsman Channel Package (Value Channels)

If you are wondering, “Where can I watch the Sportsman Channel?” Freecast is the best answer. Our Value Channels package includes the Sportsman Channel and over 250 additional live channels with 24/7 programming. Once you start your 7-day free trial of the Sportsman Channel and our Value Channels package, you’ll be able to start streaming television shows and movies from your smartphone, television, or another device.

Sportsman Channel Package Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Sportsman Channel online?

The best way to watch the Sportsman Channel online is through FreeCast. The Sportsman Channel is included in our affordable Value Channels package. You can stream all of your favorite shows, including Quick Hunts and In-Fisherman TV, at home or on the go.

Where can I watch In-Fisherman TV?

In-Fisherman TV is one of the most popular programs on outdoor television and on the Sportsman Channel. You can watch In-Fisherman TV through FreeCast and the Sportsman Channel Package of Value Channels. Sign up for a free 7-day trial today and start streaming now.

Where can I watch the TV show Quick Hunts?

Quick Hunts was one of the hottest TV shows to premiere on Sportsman Channel in 2022, and the easiest place to stream it is FreeCast. The Sportsman Channel is included in our Value Channels assortment, and you can stream from any device you own 24/7.

Where can I watch The Green Way Outdoors?

The Green Way Outdoors is a popular Sportsman Channel show, and the best place to enjoy it on any device is FreeCast. FreeCast’s Value Channels package includes all of your Sportsman Channel favorites, including The Green Way Outdoors.

Where can I watch Larry Smith Outdoors?

Larry Smith Outdoors is now streaming on the Sportsman Channel through FreeCast. Once you start your 7-day free trial, you’ll be able to enjoy the hunting and fishing trips of Larry Smith Outdoors from anywhere.

How do I know if Sportsman Channel is available in my region?

Sportsman Channel is available to all Value Channel customers anywhere in the United States.

How do I know if Sportsman Channel is available in my region?

Sportsman Channel is available to all Value Channel customers anywhere in the United States.

How do I find my favorite Sportsman Channel shows?

FreeCast is the best way to enjoy all of your favorite Sportsman Channel shows, including Larry Smith Outdoors, The Green Way Outdoors, Quick Hunts, and In-Fisherman TV. If you are wondering how to stream the Sportsman Channel, you can use the link below to start your free 7-day trial of FreeCast.

How many devices can I stream Sportsman Channel on at the same time?

You can stream Sportsman Channel or any other channel available with the Value Channels subscription on up to 3 devices at a time.

Can I watch local sports and news with Sportsman Channel?

Sportsman Channel does not offer local options, but our Value Channels subscription that includes Sportsman Channel live also includes a bonus offer for a free HDTV antenna (pay shipping & handling) so you can watch your local sports, news, and weather channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

What if I want to cancel my Sportsman Channel subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the 17 exclusive live channels included in the Value Channels package. To cancel, log in to your account and go to the Account Settings page. From there, you can change your current subscription or cancel your account.