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You Want Free Local & Broadcast Networks?

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Fox, CBS, The CW, NBC, ABC

Experience the full spectrum of local and broadcast networks without any cost! Discover a world of entertainment, news, and sports right at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows, live events, and breaking news.

You Want Thousands of FREE On Demand TV Shows and Movies?

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Real Husbands of Hollywood, Mandalorian, Secrets and Lies, Hunger Games, Hell's Kitchen, Star Trek Beyond, Citadel

Indulge in a vast library of on-demand
entertainment, including thousands of TV shows and movies, all available to you completely free of charge! Experience the joy of endless binge watching, discovering new favorites, and relishing in the latest blockbuster hits.

You Want All of Your Streaming Services All in ONE Convenient Hub?

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FreeCast "My Subscriptions" Selector

Streamline your entertainment experience by bringing all your favorite streaming services together in a single, seamless platform! Say goodbye to switching between apps and hello to effortless content discovery. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you love to watch, from popular shows to exclusive movies, right at your fingertips.

Want to Know When and Where You Can Find Every Show and Movie?

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FreeCast Movie SearchSmartguide

Curious to know when and where you can find every show and movie? Say goodbye to the guessing game and stay in the know with our comprehensive schedule and availability information. Get real-time updates on the latest releases, streaming platforms, and airing times, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite content.

You Want to Simplify Your Streaming Payments into One Monthly Payment?

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FDIC Level 1 Protection

Manage Your Subscriptions with


Tired of managing multiple streaming subscriptions and making separate payments? Streamline your streaming experience by consolidating all your payments into one convenient platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple invoices and hello to the ease of a single, unified payment.

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You Want Every Device in Your Home All Synced Up?

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Next Generation TV Today!

Whole Home Solution Box $199 One Time Fee

Less Than the Price of 2 Months of Cable!
FreeCast Home diagram
FreeCast Home
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Immerse yourself in a synchronized streaming experience as FreeCast seamlessly connects across your TVs, mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Enjoy the convenience of synchronized content access, personalized recommendations, and seamless transitions between devices. Stream your favorite shows and movies effortlessly, anytime, anywhere, on any screen.

HomeRun Box in hand
Less than four inches and easily attaches to your home network
Optional professional installation

Don't Mind Switching Inputs for Local Channels on Your TV

Already Have Antennas or Don't Want Local Channels?

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Sign Up for a FREE Subscription and...
FreeCast on TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. HD antenna
Stream your favorite shows and movies effortlessly, anytime, anywhere, on any screen.
  • 500K+ of FREE On-Demand Shows and Movies
  • Link All Your Premium Streaming Subscriptions
  • Stream on Any Device
  • 700+ Live Channels

No Need for a Free Trial,
FreeCast has No Monthly Fee - Ever!

Broadcast Channels LIVE*
50+ Live FREE
Thousands of Free On-Demand Shows and Movies
CitadelMandalorianSuccession Ted Lasso
500k+ FREE
Premium Streaming Subscription Manager
Disney PlusHuluMaxNetflixPrime Video
And More
Live Channels
AXS TV Now ChannelFreeCast BLK Channels Home Shopping Network LogoLocal Now Crackle Channel Logo
700+ Plus FREE
FreeCast Smartguide
*With FreeCast Home Solution & Antenna Combo

Includes 700+ Live Channels On FreeCast

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Movies & TV







Value Channels

Mis Canales

BLK Channels


Movies & TV






Value Channels

Mis Canales

BLK Channels

What is FreeCast?

FreeCast is the ultimate streaming service that revolutionizes the way you enjoy your favorite content. Say goodbye to the frustration of managing multiple streaming apps and hello to a world of convenience, variety, and affordability.

With FreeCast, we’ve eliminated the need to  switch between different apps to find what you love. Our innovative platform combines all your streaming apps into one user-friendly interface. Now you can seamlessly navigate through your favorite shows, movies, and channels without missing a beat.

Experience the power of live TV with FreeCast. We offer an extensive selection of over 700 free live television channels, including local news from all over the country. Stay updated on the latest events and stories that matter to you, no matter where you are. From local news to national broadcasts, we’ve got you covered.

Why pay for cable when you can enjoy free access to broadcast networks? FreeCast provides you with live broadcast networks, ensuring you never miss out on the latest news, sports, and must-see shows. Say hello to free entertainment right at your fingertips.

At FreeCast, we believe in catering to every taste and interest. That’s why our channel lineup spans a wide range of genres, including comedy, drama, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and reality programming. Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh, a gripping drama, an informative documentary, or the thrill of reality TV, we have something for everyone.

Ready to explore a vast universe of on demand shows and movies? FreeCast offers an extensive library with thousands of options to suit every mood and interest. From binge worthy series to the latest blockbusters, our collection has it all. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating entertainment.

Managing multiple streaming service payments can be a headache. That’s why we’ve introduced MediaPay—an ingenious feature that consolidates all your streaming service bills into one easy monthly payment. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking due dates and multiple invoices. With MediaPay, it’s effortless to stay on top of your streaming expenses.

FreeCast vs Roku

FreeCast Roku comparison

Join the FreeCast revolution today and unlock a whole new world of streaming possibilities. Experience seamless integration, free broadcast networks, a vast on-demand library, and simplified payments with MediaPay. It’s time to reimagine how you stream and take control of your entertainment journey. Get started with FreeCast now!